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Sunday, April 30, 2006

May 1st

May first. May Day. May Day has many meanings in many different countries. May Day for me, has a different celebration.

5 years ago May 1st, I quit smoking. I haven't smoked since. Well, I lied. I've taken a few drags off a smoke a few times, it was gross.

In other news, I'm ending my twenties, that's sorta sad. Another thing that's sad is both my sibs, are going to be married twice before I get married.

Maybe I should convert to Catholicism and be a nun. What cha' think?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Nothing really

I've been sooooo lazy. Today was my day 'off' and I didn't do a thing I needed to. I know that because I'm not taking the meds for my thyroid it makes me tired. It's really weird to feel the difference. I'll be glad when I can get back on them. I made the girls a big dinner that Emmadoodle just ate and ate and ate. I expceted to see a little piggy tail on her butt. I was glad that she enjoyed it so much, and it wasn't even speghetti.

Went out tonight with Aunt Val for a few hours to hear those two guys playing guitar. They both play really well, and I really enjoy it. It was nice to sit and not have to entertain or worry about the person I was with.

I've also been passing my days day dreaming about my next house or apt. and what kind of puppy I'll get. I'm leaning towards a boxer or something mid sized like a husky. I really can't wait. I'm ready to move this weekend, if only I had the money saved and the place picked out.

BTW...scroll down my blog a bit for a link to sign something about lowering gas prices. You do have to be a Michigander though.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy 13th Mom and Fritz!!!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Music that fills our life

Today, I was working (being a coffee girl) and a song came on the radio. Suddenly, I was 17 again, and I was walking on the beach with the Mr. Ray R. and I was happy and very much in love, and young.

I love how music can celebrate things, or make you remember exactly how you were feeling at a certian time. It can bring tears of joy, tears of happines, tears of what might have been. Smiles at how you've grown, or something special that made you laugh.

I'm glad I have music to remind me of some of the things in my life I might have otherwise forgotten.

Monday, April 24, 2006

If you live in Michigan...

go here, and sign this...



Job Update

I'm sure that some of you will be disappointed in this news.

When I got back from Wisconson, I had an offer letter from the cell phone place. This is an offer that is to good to refuse. I've decided to take the offer and work year round, full time. The benefits are really great, 12 vacation days a year, 6 sick days, 2 personal days, with paid holidays too. They pay 100% of the cost of the health insurance with low copays. With having some health issues, and needing some dental work done, I really felt like I couldn't pass it up.

Last night, I prayed about and knew that I'd have to make my decsion today. I prayed that I'd know by morning. So last night, I was sick a few times, and woke up with a monster headache and sore throat. So, I quit Lake Express, and called the cell phone place and am working on accepting the position.

So..give it to me..let me read your thoughts.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My brother sucks

This is a game I was invited to participate in by my brother. I'll list six random things about myself, then tag six others. However, he tagged everyone I know, so I can't tag anyone else. This is just crap about me you're forced to read.

1. I believe in soul mates, and that everyone has one.

2. I want to travel and see the country.

3. I love hot fudge and strawberries.

4. My idea of a perfect date is great conversation, them paying, and cuddling on the beach after the sun sets.

5. I'm sensitive, lots of stuff makes me cry. (See daddio, I'm like a little girl too)

6. Um..I hate getting tagged.

Sorry Grandma, now you have to wait for me to update about my trip to Wisconson. Do you still think Raymondo is all that great? :)

Home Sweet Home

I'm home. I'm tired. I'll update tomorrow.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Interesting Day

Today was interesting. All the 'suits' came in. Grandma, suits are like upper management. I learned alot about the company I'll be working for. For example, they really got their start in hte mid 90's on casino boats, then they expanded into the high speed ferrys. They have one that holds 900 passangers, and like 400 cars. I never knew what a small part of the puzzle little ole Lake Expess is. It really is a interesting history. The owner is very nice, and funny, and has a lot of pride in his business, and only wants the best people to work for him. I think they will be pleased with my service.

The only bad thing so far, is there are 2 girls that are causing a bit of drama. Will be interesting to see how long they last. I know that a team enviroment is going to be very important, and I'm not sure that they are willing to fit into that.

Glad to be going home tomorrow, except I won't get home until really late. Then to work at the coffee shop after that. Sigh.

On another note, both of my siblings blogs made me cry. I really want what they've got. Keep praying I get it.

Day Two

Sorry, no cool pics. I'll work on that tomorrow. Today was ok. Alot of hands on. Once we get back to the terminal in Muskegon, I'm going to ask the Terminal Manager to sit down so we can talk about a few things I've noticed in training, as far as the training process, and some things to boost the customer satsifaction rating. Leave it to me to want to change things.

Went out tonight with this girl I really like, and a couple of other people. She's young, but mature and engaged. She reminds me of a combo of a few of my friends. We went to this great bar, it had great food, and great drink specials. We had to leave because I was getting hit on big time and she had to much to drink. The fun part was, I got my new boss drunk. She was really funny. You know it's a good night when your face hurts from laughing to much.

I'm really falling in love with this city.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First Day..well, sorta

Today was the first day of training. It was interesting. The training part was long and tedious, a lot of what if stuff and a lot of really stupid questions. There is one woman who I'm not sure is going to 'get it'.

Also, one of the girls I hung out with last night that I thought was cool, showed some true colors today. She wants to be the alpha female. I think she might have a rough summer. I also think she's on the verge of being a bad apple to management. So tonight, even though I enjoyed the guys last night, I passed and hung out with a different crowd that was also fun.

We did take a tour of the city today. I have to say I was pretty impressed. This city really has a lot on Muskegon. I could see myself living here and being happy. It has jobs, a beach, and a lot of really cool things. We'll see what happens.

I'm sorta lonely though. I wish I had someone here to spend the offtime with. Someone to help me explore the city. That'd be great. Someday, I hope.


I've arrived. Well, to Milwaukee anyway. So far so good. There was a group of 15 of us who came over. 5 of us made instant friends and hung out tonight. We went to this really cool resturant called, The Safe House and it is modeled like a spy safe house back in the day. They had some really cool features. It was fun. The the jamaican bar tender here seems to be a lot of fun too, and gave us some good drink specials.
I got my hours and am a little disappointed. I have Wed. and Thurs. off but work 3-1130 at night. It will be nice to have the days open, but am sad that I won't get to do much on the weekends or at night. I know that I will be able to trade sometimes I hope.
The training starts tomorrow. I have a feeling it is going to be tedious. I can handle it though.
I'll update tomorrow and let you know.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Party and Other News

We had a great time at Mom's party for her friends from TN last night. I hope they enjoyed themselves. We had a ton of food, and lots of spirits, including jello shots.

The kids, as usual, found ways to entertain themselves, as did the adults. Laura and her man were here, and she seems very happy. It's nice to actually see her light up for once. Chris seems very nice, and I think (if he wasn't horrified) he'll fit right into our family. I really, really like seeing someone love my sister as much as Chris seems to.

Mark was here, however, after the party I ended things with him. He's fun, and easy to get along with. There were just some things that weren't clicking. I've wasted enough time hoping that I'm going to be wrong about the guys I've had doubts with, not going to do that anymore.

Today, I've got to pack up for my trip across the pond tomorrow, also have to go to my Daddy's for dinner. It's going to be a long day for little Ms. Jamie.

And for those of you who are counting, 44 days until my birthday. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good News

I have been hired at Lake Express. I start on Monday at 8:30 AM, and then will be going over to Milwaukee to begin my traning. We are not taking the ferry over, that was kinda disappointing.

I'm not sure what hours my shift will be, but anything is better than nothing. I'm very pleased to be working again, and getting 'out' there again.

I'm very happy about this choice. It was a very easy process, and I'm happy that this will give me the option to go to school too.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Job Updates

Celluar One is totally getting on my nerves. After yet another phone interview, they are going to call me again. This is insane. Talk about jumping thru hoops. However, at Lake Express, they are ready to sign on the bottom line. I'm expecting a job offer tomorrow. I had a drug test today, and I'm sure once they get the clean result, I have a job.

I would pretty much be a customer service rep. I would be the smile face that greets the peeps as they confirm everything before they get on the big boat. They totally liked me. I'm good like that. PLUS, I found out I would be able to get unemployment for the winter months :) Hello vacation October thru April :)

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Dilemma

I’ve got two potential job offers. Here are the pluses and minuses of each.

Lake Express is not year round. This is a benefit because I could go to both the fall and winter semesters of college I would be off those months, and then hopefully be hired again for the next season. I’m guessing the pay isn’t great, and that there isn’t benefits. I also wouldn’t be able to get unemployment during the off season because this is considered a ‘seasonal job’. I have a second interview tomorrow at 2pm. I know I'd enjoy it, and love the enviroment.

Cellular One is a full time, year round job. This job would require to ‘give my all’. I’d be back in a sales environment, which is ok, I like the challenge of sales. I also like that this company has advancement opportunity including relocation possibilities. It has benefits and the income would be close to what I was making with Charter. This job would give me the option of being independent again, and the possibility of become a trainer which would give me travel opportunity. I have a second recap interview tomorrow sometime over the phone. The hiring process here is insane. This will be my 4th meeting tomorrow. I'm not sure if it is because it is a new manager and this would be her first hire, or if it is the company.

What would you do? Any advice would be helpful. Then again, I haven’t gotten any offers, but would like to have my mind made up for when the offers do roll in.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Today is a super nice day. I should be outside enjoying the sunshine. I'll be doing that in just a few minutes here with a walk on the pier. But FIRST, I wanted to tell you about my day.

Remember a few weeks ago I had an interview selling cellphones? They called me today and asked me to come in and go over things again. So, I go in, and I'm starting to get sorta excited. This company does a lot in the community. They volenteer weekly at a school, and do a lot of things. Parades, Summer Celebration etc. I do understand that this place would be my life, but it sounds like it could be a good balance of work and giving back to the community.

I guess a few things might be coming my way. I just hope I end up doing what I'm suppose to be doing, and that it happens soon.

The only bad thing, I wouldn't be a coffee girl anymore. I do like doing that.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Oh, I forgot..

...had an interview today with Lake Express. That is the ferry that goes from Muskegon to Milwaukee. Say a prayer I get it. I'd love this job.


Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love my nieces and nephew. I would do anything possible to make them happy. One of the things I use to be really proud of, was the fact that they love and trust me. Now, I feel like it’s something to be ashamed of.

There are some people who think that it is weird that I talk to them online, or that I’m open with them about the things going on in their lives. To me that means those people believe my actions are suspicious, and that my actions are one comparable to someone like, oh say, a pedophile or predator. I also thought that I might be more defended than I was.

The thing that hurts my feelings the most, is the fact that my character is being questioned. Even by some people who I thought knew me and I thought would know that I would never, ever do something or influence their children to do something that they would not approve of.

I was very pleased, proud and happy when just a few days ago, one of my nieces who I never had the chance to be close with, told me how much she loved me. The ‘weird’ behavior is what made the new relationship with her possible. Now, I feel like I have no choice but to cut the string that tied us together.

That breaks my heart.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hailie cooks

Hailie made breakfast this morning. She made blueberry pancakes, and man, where they blue, and tasty! She said this was the first time she's made them. She did a good job :) Posted by Picasa

Bowling for fun

We went bowling. I have no idea why my collage looks like this..but you get the jist. They all did pretty well. Mark (the guy I've been seeing) won with a whole 121, I came in second with a 109, the rest of the girls were in the high eighties. It was a lot of fun. I like spring break. :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

What's Up

Not a whole lot is new, but there are a few updates.

I will be starting a part time job on Monday. Don't get excited. It's working for my old roommate, she needs a hand with her coffee shop. I'm really looking forward to being back in the world as a working person. When you're not working, it's too easy to not do anything. So cheers! I'm very happy about being out and doing something.

Also, the guy I was all geeked about a month or so ago. Things are progressing. Slowly, but that's ok. He met Mom and Fritz this weekend, and that went good I think. I'm sure that Mom will be posting her comments about him. I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about him. Someday :) I don't want to get my hopes up though, I hate getting excited about something, only to be disappointed.