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Monday, September 22, 2008

House crap

Ok..I bet you're really getting tired of this. But guess what? I FOUND A HOUSE! I'm getting closer. They accepted my offer, HOWEVER, there seems to be something kinda fishy about the deal so my realtor is going to look into a bit further before we proceed. The realtor selling wants me to pay for a appraisal within 7 days of the signed agreement of the offer. The house is what is considered a 'short sale' which means that the sellers are losing their house and the bank is willing to cut it lose for a portion of what they owe on it.
This house has been bought and sold about 6 times in the past 10 years. I heart it. It has everything that I want. It is in pretty good shape, but does need some work. The carpet is nasty. It has cedar closets in every room, some neat built ins and salmon tile in the bathroom (that I want to take out, but my Dad says no), and is large enough for me to hostess family parties. The other weird thing about the deal is the company selling it. Marshall Redder. I think everyone has heard of him. He's basically the bad used car salesman of the house industry. I'm afraid I may have lost this one too. sigh.

In other, not so nice news. Tomorrow is my Aunt Lindas funeral. I'm very sad that she's gone, but am glad she doesn't have to be miserable like she was in the past few years. There is a very sad story about her initial visit to the ER that makes me very mad. They didn't treat her properly because of her mental illness. I ask that you pray for my family and that something positive can happen out of it. I hope that we can bring awareness to the treatment of mentally ill patients in an emergency situation. If you'd like to honor her, donations for Noahs Project and another place in Fremont are being accepted in her name. Also, my bosco baby needs a new home if you know anyone looking for a sweet dog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

House Horrors and a Blast from the Past

I have found a house! In fact, I've found 4 of them. AND I've been going to put bids on all of them..EXCEPT..EVERY SINGLE ONE IS GONE! The first one, GONE, there was another bid submitted around the same time for the same price and a larger down payment. The one with the pretty kitchen, another offer accepted before I could even write mine, the 3 bedroom with almost an acre, and offer cam in minutes after I looked at it, and then the one across the street from Mom..GONE today, before I could write the offer.

I'm starting to getd discouraged. I realize that God has a house already picked out for me, but geez man, a person can only take so much house rejection!

I bet I've looked at (not just driven by) actually walked thru 30 houses at least by now. Tomorrow I'll add probably close to 5 more. Sigh. Is it ever going to end?

Tonight I was looking thru some old pictures. There are some really great ones. Like Ray in a Winger t-shirt...ha ha nerd, and Laura with her puffed out 80's hair. I found a letter I wrote to Mom that just KILLED me. I thought I should share it with you and see if it sounds familar. I am keeping the spelling as is.

Mom, (that is crossed off, and VIOLET is written above it)
I don't think you know what it's like to be me. I'm a senite person who is very easyly hurt, the only people I have cared about deeply act like they don't want me around. Just forget about my party. I would like to be free to try things out for myself. And no, This is not a pity note. You embaressed me in front of someone who I happen to like very much!
Also YOU can call the peoples parents.

Very Unsincerly,

What is this house a PRISON!?!