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Monday, May 23, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

VEGAS BABY!!! I'm pleased to say, nothing I did has to stay in Vegas. Had a great time. I'll give you the highlights. Drank, went to a few casinos, saw a few great shows, drank, drank, uh, drank some more, slept and ate. Stayed at the Paris. It was pretty cool. The entire hotel was like, well Paris. That made me wonder if other countries have hotels modeled like the US. The staff would all be fat and rude. The furniture would be lazy boys and all there would be to eat would be hamburgers and diet sodas. Somehow I'm thinking that this is an idea that wouldn't catch on.
The cast party was awesome. Got to sit on one of the cast members lap, hubba hubba. Afterwards, we packed a dozen people in an 8 person limo and went to the Stardust. I don't think that was our original destination, but that is where we ended up. Anyway, the band, (they rocked so much I can't remember what their name is) sang happy birthday to me. I had to go up on stage and rocked it out with a feather boa.
Looking forward to the week ahead it being my birthday at all!!! 2 more days before I enter the last year of my 20's. SIGH! I'll post again after the big party! MUAH!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers Day

My Mom. She rocks. She's my supporter, my shrink and mostly my friend. My Mom is the Mom who makes me something and says a prayer with each stitch. The Mom who makes you soup when you're sick. The person I call when I feel like no one understands me. The Mom who makes sure I get home safe. Who makes every holiday and birthday special. Thank you Mom for all you do for me, and all of the other people you make feel special with your loving ways.

Remember your Mom today, and all the little things she does to show you how much you're loved.

Friday, May 06, 2005


I'm so glad it is the Friday. This week was rough. April showers brings old people back to Michigan. Almost all week long, I've had to speak s l o w e r and LOUDER than normal for these folks who complain about the cost of their $13.00 basic cable, yet talk about how the spent the winter in some warm, expensive climate. I had one man fight with me to the extent of transferring him to my supervisor because he was old, and blind and felt that normal rules, such as paying for service and a reconnection fee shouldn't apply to him because it wasn't his fault he was blind. Well, somehow that was OUR fault, and we should give him FREE FREE FREE. The very same day, I had another customer talked into everything we had, was excited about the service and the prices. Until I said, "Ok, we will have someone come out on Monday, and get everything set up for you." Then Mr. Giveitalltome gets all wacko on me, "People can't come in my house, if you can't turn the service on outside the house, then I don't want it." UH..well..ok then. Did I mention, I'm really glad it's Friday?


P.S. I've not gotten ANY help filling out my profile.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Welcome to my life.
My very first entry. Aren't you excited?
I bet you're thinking.."Uh, why does JAMIE have a blog?" Why not, it's free, and it will be fun. I look forward to some of you getting to know me better, and HOPING that you'll comment on my silly rantings.
Tonight I'm sitting in my apartment, having some wine, watching TV and thinking if they can make a seek button on a radio, why can't they make one for a remote? I get really annoyed when I have to stop chatting to change the station. Even worse, when I have to stop looking at the computer screen long enough to FF something on my DVR. Something has gotta change...maybe I just need a life? Hmm...what do you think?
One more thing, I'm trying to fill out my profile on this thing, and everything I write sounds like a personal ad. Any suggestions??