A whole lot about nothing really. You'll get bored I'm sure.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer Plans

Wow. Monday is the 4th of July. Summer plans should be in full swing. There are so many things I want to do this summer. I want to go to some concerts, hit the beach. I also want to go camping, and tubing and canoeing. I wouldn't mind going back to Niagara Falls.
The camping trip, I want to go to that cool place on White River where you can camp, tube and canoe. The last time I was in a canoe I think I tipped over and lost everything I brought. It was a lot of fun. I love summertime in Michigan. I love to sit under the stars with a bonfire. As long as it is a bonfire that my Mom didn't make...she makes them tooo big and sometimes the fire dept has to come. (I love you mommy)
Every year I think of all the things I want to do, and I never do them. So my challenge to you my friends and family. NAG ME until I do these things. I wanted to stay in Michigan this summer before I started to travel for my job so I could enjoy these things, now damnit..make sure I do them :)
Anyone wanna join me?

Monday, June 27, 2005


I'm getting old. It dawned on me this weekend that the men I should be looking for are in their 30's. Like, I was talking to this one, and he was 36. I was thinking, wow, he's so old. Well, not so much.
They say, you're as old as you feel. I feel about 23, so the thought of dating some one who is almost 40, ewww.
Then I started thinking on the plus side. Most men in their mid thirties, are pretty settled. They are done playing games. They don't want 3 girlfriends, or don't live with their parents. Maybe this won't be so bad. Then again, if they are thirty-ish, why are they still single? Hmm... then again, I'm almost 30, why am I?
On the downside. Some men are so use to be single and mid thirties that that changing or making room for something other than what they are already use to could be hard.
I really can't wait to meet 'the one' and not have to worry about my potential mates and if they are too stubborn to put the toilet seat down.
Start praying it happens soon before I end up in a convent or with a bunch of cats.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Apartment Troubles

I would love a nice cool breeze right now. It is hotter in my apartment than it is outside. An old lady blows out cooler air than my air conditioner. What? What's that you say? Call the maintenance people? Oh, I already did that. It's fine. Let's define their definition of fine. When I first moved in, my dishwasher didn't drain. I called them, it's fine. As we speak, there is a puddle of smelly water at the bottom of my dishwasher. When the drain in my sink took forever to go down, I called them again. It's fine. Well, as long as you turn the disposal on if you want the water to drain it is.
So, here is my thought. With my next rent check I want to include pictures of the following; Exhibit A - A picture of my air conditioner that works 'fine' with a thermometer that shows it in the ON position, show that with it on, it is still 90 degrees in here.
Exhibit B - A picture of the smelly water in the bottom of my dishwasher.
Exhibit C - The standing water in my sink.
Exhibit D - A letter stating that if these things are not corrected, I'm with holding my next months rent.
So, do you think this is legal? Is this something that can be done and if so, do I have a legal leg to stand on? Don't I have a right to cool air and to water free dishwashers?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gold Digger??

Ok, so someone wants to 'hook me up'. Now, although this person has a job, he doesn't have much money. He has a lot of outgoing expenses. This makes me less interested in him that I might otherwise be. So, does this make me a gold digger?
Now, before you yes, oh man, what a bitch, let me give you some back ground information. I have a pretty good job, and have some expendable income. I seem to 'attract' people who are down on their luck, and end up footing the bill for all of the entertainment. Now, I don't mind doing this, as long as it is an option. It seems though, that it will be someone else's idea, 'hey, let's go out for lunch?' We then we go out for lunch, and lo and behold, the other person doesn't have any money. They just ASSUME that I'd pay. Or, wanting to go someplace overnight, or go camping, yeah..Guess who gets to pay for that too. Again, for those who I 'treat' I don't always mind. As long as I have the option.
So, if I don't want to date a man I always have to pay for our 'dates' does that make me a gold digger?
In other news, I've been busy. Nothing really exciting. Nothing really new. Just that stuff that keeps you from doing anything you really want to do. I'm lonely and could use some company. But the kind of company that can help pay for dinner ;)
No news on the new job either. GRRR..keep your fingers crossed that I hear something soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Why is it easier to continue with something you're comfortable with even though you might not be happy, than to change the situation and be uncertain of the outcome?
When it comes time to make a life change, I have a hard time doing them. Even something easy like, remembering to take a pill. As you can imagine BIG things, like changing a situation or sticking to a diet is super hard for me. Even though I know my life will be better by doing or NOT doing something, I have a hard time forcing myself to do it. What is even harder, is doing something that might hurt me right now, even though it will be better for me in the long run.
So my friends, I ask you for advice. How do you do the things you know you should do, just don't have the will power to do? (does that make sense?)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Summer Daze

Remember being a kid and it was summer vacation? I remember waking up (late) and eating cereal in my brothers tshirt and watching cartoons. Then we'd go outside. Outside we'd pretend we were stuntmen or explorers. We lived next to a 'gully' and my brother told me it was the land of the fairies. There would be tree trunks exposed and that is where they would live. I remember spending days looking for fares, and I secretly wanted to find one and capture it so I'd have it as a pet and it would show me all of the other places the fairies lived. We sat in the shade and would have something cool to drink, or we'd go get ice cream that was paid for by returning pop bottles at Millers. We'd climb trees, catch frogs, go fishing. We could usually find Mom under the shade of a tree on her Indian blanket reading a book, eating Do Dadds and smoking Merits.

My summers were magical. I didn't have a pool, or a sprinkler even to play in. We didn't have cable, or a VCR. We went outside and we played, and we played and played. We'd have picnics and go to the beach. Sometimes, we'd go to the beach at night and have a fire. Mom would play the guitar and we'd sing songs and look for UFO's.
It's kinda sad to think that kids don't do these things on summer vacation now. Now summer vacations are pools, and tv. Going from one air conditioned place to the other. I hope there are some kids someplace looking for fairies, and playing in the woods. I want those days back.

Monday, June 06, 2005

What's your Type??

I'm single. People who know me want to see me with that 'someone special'. So, I get asked a lot, 'What is your type?'
Is there a type? People who say..ok, he has to have blue eyes, and brown hair, a BMW, and make 6 figures. Don't you think they are selling themselves short? There are so many thing little things that can make up for the big things that you thought you wanted. There are some things that can't be compromised. Like faith, ethics or substance abuse (meaning not having one).
For those of you who want to know. This is what Jamie wants. Jamie wants what God wants for her. I hope that man makes me laugh so hard I cry. Who I love so much he makes me cry. Someone who I have enough in common with to make thinks fun, yet someone who has his own interests. A man who's hands are strong enough to lift the heavy stuff, but whose shoulders are soft enough for me to rest my head on. A mouth strong enough to speak his mind, but soft enough to speak loving words. His heart needs to care about those who are in need, love his neighbor, and have enough love for me too. I hope he loves kids, and wants to have them. I hope he likes to camp, and go for walks. I really hope he likes music and to read. Mostly, I hope he'll love me and not want to change me.
So, if you know anyone like this..lol, give him my number.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I am no longer a "Festival" virgin. The Fesival of the Arts. To me, it was the art of people watching. Saw some very interesting and some laugh out loud people. Let me share. We had that 300 pound woman with the see thru shirt on who's bra wasn't fastened right, the man in the long black tights and like these spikey like sock things. Also for your viewing pleasure, we had the blonde Ozzy freak wearing all black and flames, and a side of lots of fat ass crack, with missing teeth and lots of blubber hanging over the tops of the low riders for desert. There was a lot of music, complete with some belly dancing by some plus sized models.
No, really. Those were a few things that got a an old girl like me to snicker and look away. BUT the rest of it was great, and very enjoyable. The food was good, and I ate too much. The people watching was the best part though. If you haven't gone..make it a point to go. It's really great. Can't wait until next year.

Freaky Friday

Had a very interesting day today. Had a customer call in today to ask what she should take for cramps. I'm really starting to think people are just lonely and if you work for a company that has an 800, beware, you turn into a free friend.
After work today, I had to go get my blood drawn. First, the dude looked like a blonde version of "my comic". Then, I realized I was a pervert. Not just because I knew what he looked like naked, because of the conversation he was having with me. He had to poke me a few times because he couldn't get me on the first poke. He said, when I felt it with my finger it felt great, then once I stuck it in, I couldn't feel it anymore. Ok, I snickered in my head, and thought, Jamie, you need help. The problem was, he kept going and once I started thinking that way, there was no turning back. Here is another one, ok, I'm going to poke the other side now and see what I can feel, and I'm going to use something smaller, it will take longer to come but it will be easier on both of us. UH...then, do you need something to clean that up? Start the praying Ray, I'm doomed.
Ok, then took my sweet little nieces to the local 'carnival'. Typical expensive short rides, expensive food, $5 20 ounce drinks, and the carnies. Toothless, dirty, unsmiling, tattooed carnies. That makes it worth the prices you have to pay to ride the merry go round for 2 minutes. There was a carnie version of my friend Ben, who I've been missing very much. Ben would have been a good carnie. He would have had long lines as much as he liked to talk to people and tell jokes. The kids were good until I started telling them NO. Then, they got kinda grumpy. Kids, think I still like the kind I can give back.
Still haven't gotten any volunteers for the treadmill...I'm cooking dinner for whoever helps.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Had a good birthday, for those who attended, thank you. I had a great time. It's amazing to me, year after year how many people show me how much I mean to them by taking time out of their lives to celebrate me.
Not too much else is new. Still waiting to hear about the 'new job'. Should hear something in the next 10 days or so. I'm still really hoping I get it. Sounds very positive. If I do get it, I'd be leaving end of June or early July. Then mid July is when I'd start the heavy travel portion. So, say some prayers and keep your fingers crossed. I'd be really good at this. Hey, the physic in Vegas told me that I was going to have a job where I'd be standing behind a podium. Teaching others I think is pretty close.
So, I'm getting a treadmill this weekend, any volunteers to help me lug it upstairs???