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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Tis the Season to be...

Annoyed? Tired? Overworked? Oh, right....tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la la la la la...

I'm feeling a little bah humbug this year. I had a hard time shopping for people. It wasn't that I don't love you, or want to get you something nice that you could use, it was just that my heart wasn't it in. Sigh. It must be all the snow.

I am looking forward to seeing the kids tonight. Their sweet little faces glowing with excitement and all the crap I know we will make them do before we let them open presents. That's my favorite part of Christmas.


Blogger VeeFlower said...

1. You're giving it all to your job...your energy, your effort, your emotions, and especially your time!
2. Your best friend is in over her head in a relationship whirlwind that adversely affects the children you care deeply about.
3. Your lifestyle requires you to drive nigh unto constantly on bad roads in frigid weather.
4. After an agonizing search for a house, events have conspired to keep you from realizing your dream by being able to work on it and move in...therefore you feel stuck even though your dream should be coming true!
5. When you come home from work you find a mom who is recovering from major surgery who has made the living room into a sickroom and who did't cook or clean to make coming home more of a relaxing and secure interlude.
6. You need more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
7. Your romantic interests continue to fall short of bliss.
8. Fritz tells puns to cheer you up but they only make you want to run screaming away.

In short, (no pun intended), you have every right to feel worn out and unable to muster up the Christmas spirit. I just hope tonight restores a little bit of your spirits. We love you.

1:38 PM

Blogger Big Plain V said...

Hey, where's my comment? I swear to G that I commented.

You deleted it again, didn't you.

(Good job on the song -- looking forward to seeing it on your blog.)

2:27 PM

Blogger shortensweet said...

The picture is HORRIBLE. you cant see anything - you can hear them tho..it's funny.

And you didn't comment you jerk.

4:18 PM

Blogger bunnyjo georg said...

Well, I can say I love all my prezzies from you. I've enjoyed fresh new towels and washcloths and the car charger (yes, already!) and all I need now is that pedicure and all will be PERFECT in my life. Me hoping you likey my prezzies to you. (Baby talk - huh!?!?!??!?!?!)

10:35 AM


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